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Disclaimer Closure: Alternatives is a blog with a good number of content on Kickass Torrents.

It has been a few years since the popular website, Kickass Torrents, shut down. In its place, many different websites have emerged to take its place. Disclaimer Closure: Alternatives is one of them and it has been providing informative posts on the subject of Kickass Torrents for quite some time now.

Kickass Torrents is not entirely gone from the internet, though. It’s still accessible through many other websites and most notably through KAT alternatives downloaders such as www.Katcr.to and www.Katsearcher.com, which make it easy to find available copies of Kickass Torrents without even having to use a search engine or go through proxy sites.

Following the closure of Kickass Torrents, which was declared by the United States Government in July, this article will explore alternatives that are being made available to its users. Kickass Torrents Proxy is no longer available, but there are still other viable options including Pirate Bay, Torrentz2.eu, and Utorrent.

Sadly, Kickass was shut by the United States Department of Justice, its creator was blamed for crimes of infringement of intellectual property laws and others. That is the reason its huge community of users has been looking for new options that give an encounter comparative or superior to what Kickass was.

Despite the fact that there are many abusive websites on the Web, there are still a large number of torrenting platforms to choose from. To help you find the best ones, we have compiled a list of the best other options that are available.

Kickass Torrents Alternatives | KickAss Torrents Proxy AlternativesKickass Torrents Alternatives | KickAss Torrents Proxy | Kickass Torrent Mirror

KickAssTorrents (KAT) is the world’s most popular torrent search engine. It has over 100 million registered users and was ranked as the third most visited website in the world.

The demise of KickAssTorrents has left a big gap in the market for alternative torrent sites. However, since these sites are not as popular or well-developed, they are not able to offer all of the same features that KAT had to offer.

KickAss Proxy is an anonymous torrent site that is meant to replace KickAss Torrents. It offers all of the same features that KAT offered with some added improvements like better seeders and leechers ratio, additional functionality with its proxy, and more user support with its user forum.

This is the most interesting part of this article. We will list our top best kickass torrents alternatives sites that you will find to be awesome. Before we go deep into the full detail of what these alternatives are, let us first list them all one by one.

  • Limetorrents
  • Elite Torrent
  • PirateBay
  • Mejortorrent
  • Torrentseeker
  • Zooqle
  • Torrentz2
  • Mitorrent torrent
  • Grantorrent
  • EZTV
  • Vivatorrents
  • Torrent Paradise
  • Torrent.tm
  • YTS Yifi Movies
  • Popcorn time
  • Vivatorrents
  • 1337x

Having stated the list of what you are about to discover in full detail of the study. You should carefully go through this article very well.

01. 1337x [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

1337x is a torrent site similar to Kickass Torrent. It has a clear interface and offers good search features. For example, it will allow you to search for torrents by movie, TV show, performer, and more.

1337x: 1337x is a torrent site similar to Kickass Torrent that provides you with categories such as music, movies, and software. The website also has an easy-to-use search feature that lets you pick the type of content you want to find.

Kickass Torrent is a UK-based torrenting site that is relatively new to the scene. The platform comes with high-quality content for TV series, applications, games, anime, and much more. It provides an alternative to the popular torrenting platform i337x that gets updated very frequently with new content.

i337x is the principal alternative in contrast to Kickass with 1337x. A fairly quick platform with a wide assortment of content, from tv series, applications, games, anime, and the sky is the limit from there.

This option permits you to locate basically any file you need, in addition, its interface is quite intuitive and its download time is quick.

02. Torlock [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

Torrent sites like Kickass Torrent and Torlock are similar in the sense that they provide free access to copyrighted material. One difference between the two is that Torlock is an open-source torrent site, while Kickass Torrent uses proprietary software. However, even though Torlock is not as well-known as Kickass torrent, it still has a user base of over 200 million people worldwide.

Torlock also is kickass torrent alternatives, where moderation is normally the fascination. Movies, games, music, pictures and considerably more is the thing that can be found on this torrent platform. Its plan is quite basic and its interface isn’t exceptionally quick, yet without uncertainty, Torlock is quite compelling.

The greatest benefit of using the service is that every one of your files is completely verified. One disadvantage is that it has a ton of intrusive advertising, so getting to the right link can be slow and drawn-out.

However, voting with your dollars is now more possible than ever with the use of free VPS hosting. One disadvantage of this tool is that you’ll have to deal with intrusive advertisements, which can sometimes be slow and drawn-out.

03. RARBG [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

RARBG Torrent Site is similar to Kickass Torrent Site. They both provide an alternative to the popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay.

RARBG is a torrent site that offers movies, TV shows, e-books, and other digital content. It’s run by the controversial website “Mega-Search”, which was originally launched in 2005.

The Pirate Bay has been the world’s most popular torrent site since its launch in 2003 and has served as a platform for BitTorrent users for more than a decade. However, this particular torrent site is currently inaccessible due to legal troubles and copyright lawsuits, but it will be back soon.

RarBG is the Kickass torrent alternate that is the request for the files. The force of this request was so great that it led to a totally new website being created with its own domain name.

This is another alternative in contrast to Kickass is RARBG, a platform that, in spite of the fact that its content is for the most part in English, has a wide assortment of torrents. Similarly, the quality is truly outstanding, in any event, offering 4k files.

Then again, it has different sections where you can find trailers and surprisingly the most well-known news and torrents.

04. Limetorrents Torrent

LimeTorrents is a torrent site that is similar to Kickass Torrents. The founder of this site has been in the business for years and has seen the changes in the market.

The site has been around for several years and is very popular with its users. It’s easy to see why, given their generous seed ratio, accessibility, and availability. The site runs smoothly without any interruption even on slower connections, which makes it a great choice for those who frequently download files from torrent sites.

There are different ways in which this website can help you find your content: keyword search engine to find what you’re looking for; Search engines are an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for a number of different tasks. The advanced search engine that allows you to filter by titles, subtitles, or genre is perfect for searching through all available content on the internet, while the search engine that filters by country are perfect for finding content from specific regions.

Limetorrents is one of the best torrent websites that you can find online. It is known for its steady download speeds, the variety of content it offers, and its ability to provide users with high-quality movies, TV shows, and music. This is why it has quickly become one of the most popular torrent alternatives.

An option with a wide assortment of classifications that permits you to locate different torrents in Limetorrents. Not exclusively would you be able to search for the content of your inclination yet you can likewise locate the best torrents as per their popularity and number of seeds?

The website offers 100% safe content, regular updates, and browsing features that many people are looking for. You can download files quickly and easily with the help of this website.

05. Elite Torrent

Elite Torrent is a torrent site similar to Kickass Torrent. But Elite Torrent is the perfect torrent site for those who want to stay anonymous and avoid getting into legal problems.

Elite Torrent was founded in 2007 by a group of students from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. It was the first torrent site that allowed people to download anything anonymously. The team behind Elite Torrent wanted a place where people could be themselves without worrying about legal troubles from copyright trolls or bad publicity from DMCA notices or ISP complaints.

Elite torrent is indeed one of the best torrent sites out there as it enables users to download any content anonymously without getting into legal problems as well as keeps away all those who are looking for “bad” content like pornography or pirated movies etc.

Torrents are one of the most pirated websites in the world, and when you think about it, it makes sense. It’s easy to share files using torrents without having to worry about the legal ramifications. However, this is not always convenient for everyone. Many people don’t have access to high-speed Internet or file-sharing software like uTorrent. That’s why there are some alternatives out there.

The Elite torrenting website has everything to offer. Whether you’re looking for a good movie torrent, TV show torrent, or DJ Mix Torrent, they have what you need. Not only that but the diversity of their clients is also extraordinary because their purpose is to provide an entirely unique experience.

Elite Torrent is viewed as perhaps the best choice for getting high-quality content. There are different classes for everything from language to format, so you can easily find the perfect alternative for you.

Netflix also offers the best premieres and traditional movies, but it additionally incorporates content from streaming platforms like HBO to create a robust platform that is capable of providing great debuts.

06. ThePirateBay

In the internet age, many people have trouble navigating through a cluttered homepage. They have always been a place of learning and entertainment. Nowadays, however, most websites are full of advertisements and promotional content that they find harder to decipher.

ThePirateBay is a popular torrent site that enables users to find and download pirated content from the Internet. In its heyday, it was the largest indexed torrent site on the internet with over 30 million daily visitors.

ThePirateBay is a BitTorrent client written in C++ and Qt that indexes magnet links provided by a P2P network of peers. It’s best known for hosting “torrents,” software for distributing large files which are split into smaller parts, each file of which can be downloaded simultaneously by anyone on the internet who has sufficient bandwidth to receive them.

The Pirate Bay was founded in Sweden by Tobias Andersson, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Peter Sunde in 2003. In 2006, founders were charged with criminal conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and violating the anti-hacking law.

Slug: a hero for older users torrent.

Kickass Torrents is the most comparable option in contrast to ExtraTorrent, with the broad torrent file content. It also allows you to classify every one of these as indicated by the shadings which are safe torrents and which are not.

07. Zooqle [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

Zooqle is a site that works in the same way as Kickass Torrents. It provides high-quality content to its users.

Zooqle has gained popularity because it offers high-quality content with direct links to the original source of the media. This makes it easy for people to share and watch their favorite shows and movies. Zooqle also allows people to upload their own content on the site.

Zooqle is not something that you should use if you are looking for new movies or TV shows, but if you’re looking for back episodes of your favorite TV shows, then this is where you should be taking your next look.

One of the platforms that provide great torrent search functions in addition to thousands of verified torrents is The Pirate Bay. It has a lot of content for users to explore and download files that have been downloaded the most today.

On the other hand, in order to stay in touch with trending topics and have a better understanding of what consumers are looking for, it has a very efficient scheduling tool that allows you to establish the next content updates. This means that you will get notified of any newsworthy events that may happen over the week.

08. Mejortorrent

Mejortorrent is a torrent site similar to Kickass Torrent which has been around for some time now. It is an ad-supported site and some of its features include:

The tracker and the client software were designed to be cross-platform, so both Windows and Mac users can use them. The site uses peer-to-peer connections instead of a central server, making it quicker to download content.

Mejortorrent also provides more privacy than most other sites, such as using IP addresses instead of shared IPs or logging IP addresses of users.

Slug: Mejortorrent’s the usual real updates are not at all like Kickass torrent.

Mejortorrent is one of the more popular platforms for Spanish-speaking people looking for new content at a reasonable price. It is one of the main platforms these demographics are picking out of the sea of options on the web.

Then again, it is kept with customary updates to offer the best and generally up-to-date content in different classifications. So you can find movies, documentaries, sports, music, and that’s just the beginning.

09. Torrentseeker

Torrentseeker is a website that is similar to Kickass Torrent but aims to provide copyrighted content.

Torrentseeker lets you search for movies, TV shows, music, and other digital content. However, it doesn’t have a track record of being a reliable site so you might want to be careful with what you download from this site.

Torrentseeker is a website that is similar to Kickass Torrent. It’s not as trustworthy since it doesn’t have the track record of being reliable.

with different information links

By just entering a term like the Google search engine, Torrentseeker will give you access to a wide measure of content. This platform can locate different pages albeit the files don’t contain a lot of information so it is important to be careful while downloading.

10. Torrentz2  [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

Torrentz2 is a website similar to Kickass Torrent.

Torrentz2 feels more like a digital library compared to Kickass Torrent. It has an extensive database of movies, TV shows, games, apps, music, and other downloads. It allows users to search through its database of content by genre or type.

Torrentz2 also has a clean interface that is easy for users to navigate.

slug: associate torrents to have better searches

Another option for torrent search motors is this platform, it has different associate pages that are responsible for tracking the torrent searches that are completed. In like manner, its content index is exceptionally wide and fluctuated.

Among its advantages is that it permits you to find different outcomes on different platforms.

11. MitTorrent Torrent

MitTorrent Torrent is a website that allows users to download free music, movies, tv shows, e-books, and other digital content.

The site was launched by MitTorrent LLC in March 2016. It was created as an alternative to Kickass Torrents after the latter experienced difficulty with copyright infringement lawsuits over its side business of torrenting.

Slug: platform with great quality

You will actually want to see the trailers of every one of the movies that are on this torrent platform and with the magnificent video quality.

MitTorrent has updated content and choices to share the links on different correspondence platforms like social networks, email, among others.

12. VO Torrent [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

There are many sites that host torrents but one of the most popular ones is VO Torrent. This site hosts pirated movies and TV shows.

The website is constantly updated with new torrents for viewers to download. The interface of the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also has a browser extension that you can use to browse their content without leaving your current tab.

VO Torrent, like other sites like Kickass Torrent, will constantly be updated with new content for viewers to download. The interface of the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easier to find what you’re looking for or discover something new for yourself that you may not have known about previously.

Slug: when data means everything!

Perhaps the best option in contrast to Kickass and with content in a unique version. On this platform, you will get extremely changed movies and TV series both in torrent files and Emule.

This platform gathers torrent links and imitates the subtitle links in the same tab. In like manner, it offers technical information, the rundown, and trailers of the content you need to see.

An incredible advantage that Mejor en VO has is that it offers a section that works as a manual to utilize the programs needed for downloads. In like manner, users can interface in a forum by leaving their encounters and assessments about the content.

Then again, if you don’t care for subtitles, we recommend you try one of the different choices that we brought for you.

13. Grantorrent Torrent As A [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

Grantorrent is a torrent site that has been around since 2003 and was the top torrent site until Kickass Torrent came out.

Grantorrent is a torrent site that has been around since 2003 and was the top torrent site until Kickass Torrent came out. It is still running to this day, but it has lost its popularity due to Kickass Torrent’s massive growth in popularity.

There are quite a few sites that offer torrents of movies, TV shows, music, books, and more. However, one of the most popular torrent sites is Kickass Torrent.

Kickass Torrent is one of the best sites to find movies or TV Shows with complete content. It has a huge database and offers the latest movies and tv shows with high quality. There are multiple categories to search in – movies, tv shows, games, and many more.

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Kickass Torrent was founded by Artem Vaulin in 2014 and it is still running successfully today. It also has a well-known loyal fan base because it doesn’t censor anything as per its terms of service agreement.

if 4K is your thing, this is your platform.

Grandtorrent is a platform that is updated daily, thusly offers a section with the most seen movies every day. Its content can obtain in 4k quality and different formats.

Another feature of this option in contrast to Kickass is that you can create lists with your favorite torrents. Similarly, you can leave comments about current content and about any burden that happens.

14. EZTV Torrent [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

In this section of Kickass alternative, we will discuss the EZTV Torrent site that is popular for hosting copyright-infringing content.

EZTV Torrent Site Like Kickass Torrent

  • – The site was founded in 2008 and is a well-known torrent site.

  • – It has a wide variety of movies and TV series which can be found by searching its database.

  • – It also hosts a lot of copyrighted material that violates the law.

  • – In 2016, it faced a temporary shutdown from ISPs as they were trying to prevent access to the copyrighted material on their network.

EZTV torrent portal specializing in series and without advertising.

Specialized in series, this platform is an awesome option for those looking for content in this classification. It offers a wide index with the best and generally up-to-date or older series.

Eztv additionally permits downloading in an extremely straightforward manner and one of its advantages is that you won’t find any advertising. Then again, its filtering system is ideally suited for finding series as per their quality.

15. Vivatorrents Torrent

Vivatorrents is a website that offers content including TV shows, movies, music, games, or even books in HD quality.

Vivatorrents is not the only website that offers this content. Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay are similar websites that have been around for much longer than Vivatorrents.

The Pirate Bay is a file-sharing site that has been around since 2003 and it also allows torrent downloads of media such as movies and music. Kickass Torrents was established in 2006 by Artem Vaulin and it has had a lot of controversies over the years because of its illegal nature.

Vivatorrents has the popularity you will get that is vital.

Probably the most straightforward elective that you can get. This platform has a basic interface, on its main page, you can see the most famous movies just as its search motor with filtering by class.

It permits to coordinate the search results by title, date, pertinence, or without any issue arbitrarily.

16. iDope Torrent [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

The iDope torrent site is one of the most popular torrent sites online. The site is designed to help people download films, TV shows, music, games, and software.

iDope.to is a well-known torrent site that offers free downloads of films, TV shows, games, and music for free. However, this website has been criticized by some users because it doesn’t have any content protection measures in place.

The website was created in 2008 by a group called “the Mainframe Gang” who were members of “the MainFrame Mafia” – an internet group for hackers. The website allows people to download films and music at no cost with the help of BitTorrent technology.

It’s an extremely updated idope for Mobile Devices.

This platform resembles a recognition for Kickass, without an uncertainty perhaps all that elective that can find. Its basic interface and its search motor are basically the same as Google.

This platform likewise has a section where the most mainstream and updated torrents can find. Then again, it offers a module for Google Chrome and an application for Android devices.

17. Torrent Paradise

Torrent Paradise has been on the internet since 2014 and has been one of the most popular torrent sites for ages. It is a website which users can download movies, TV shows, games, music, and more for free thanks to its large and active community of members.

TorrentPapaya is like Kickass Torrents in some ways but it has a fresh new interface and seamless navigation system. It is more like a social site that you can use while torrenting instead of using it as your only source of free content.

Torrent Paradise with the most files ordered

A decent platform without intrusive advertising, Torrent Paradise has multiple million filed files just as links to 6 torrent search motors all the while.

Its interface is basic and every one of the files can be located just by putting the name in the search bar.

18. Torrent.tm Torrent Site

With the advancement of technology, people are free to share their favorite movies, music, and games with less hassle. However, what if there is a movie you want to watch that is restricted in your country?

Torrent sites have made it very easy for people to get access to content that they can’t get anywhere else. The best thing about torrent sites is the fact that you don’t have to wait long before you can watch what you are looking for. The only downside of torrent sites is that pirate content gets shared on them too often.

Torrents are really popular because they allow people to access content without having to wait long.

Torrent.tm of the best choices for Kickass’. It serves as KickAss Torrents alternatives.

A practically unlimited platform, where you can find for all intents and purposes any torrent you need. One of its valid statements is that it shows if the files are verified or not using icons.

In addition, they can sort out as per the date, size, and quantity of seeds. Then again, it offers news and a section of trailers for every torrent.

19. VTS Movies Torrent Site

VTS Movies has come up with a unique way of sharing movies online. This torrent site has amazing content which is free to download and watch. The site also provides an option of watching movies without ads.

VTS Movies Torrent Site (VTS) is an amazing entertainment portal that was set up by the team in 2014. They have come up with unique strategies that have helped them in becoming one of the most sought-after torrent sites on the internet.

The VTS Movies torrent site is a great idea for people who want to download their favorite movies for free, without any hassle of using different applications or using slow downloads from other websites.

YTS the page to find the best audiovisual content

YTS Yifi Movies is an ideal option for moviegoers. This platform has an immense assortment of movies from exemplary films to the most current deliveries. Thusly, every one of these contents can find in BluRay, WEB, 1080p formats, and an assortment of different choices for its quality.

The quality of this platform is that it consolidates into every movie the rating given by Rotten Tomatoes or some other specialized medium. Similarly, it fuses the outline, information on creation, and dispersion; just as technical qualities.

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If that isn’t sufficient, it additionally fuses a specialized review, earlier registration isn’t required and comments can be made about each content.

20. Popcorn Torrent

Popcorn Torrent is an extension of the popular torrenting website Kickass Torrents.

Popcorn Torrent was created in order to promote the movie Popcorn. When the movie was released, it became a hit and people flocked to download it. However, due to its popularity, it increased the bandwidth requirements for KAT so much that it had to block downloads from outside of Malaysia for a while.

Popcorn Torrent uses a similar software design as other torrenting websites but with an extra focus on providing quality content rather than just files. This has allowed them to obtain more visitors and stay profitable even without advertisements.

Slug: Popcorn time is ideal for users using smartTV.

At the end of the list, we have Popcorn Time, which is a decent option in contrast to Kickass Torrents with a huge number of torrent files. One of its advantages is that it lets you choose a possibility for the files to contain subtitles right off the bat. It additionally allows content to ship off smart TVs.


What is the Most Ideal Choice to Download Torrents as an Alternative to Kickass Torrent?

What is the best alternative to Kickass Torrent?

There are some popular alternatives to Kickass Torrent that can be downloaded on your personal computer or mobile device. These include the Pirate Bay, 1337x, and EZTV.

Kickass Torrent is an infamous torrent search engine that specializes in illegal content like TV shows, movies, and music. This has made it difficult for people who want to download copyrighted materials for their personal use.

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites out there. It hosts a large library of pirated content like music, movies, and TV shows marked with a “P” for private use only which means you can’t share them with other users on this particular site.

Pirate Bay has a search function and you can also filter results by language, category, file size, and popularity.

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Above all, the main alternative to KickassTorrents is ThePirateBay. AVOID it if the content is too similar to what you are already using, even more so than Kickass Torrents. It has a huge number of tracks and videos available for download, but the lack of security is one factor that should deter you from using this site.

Platform security has likewise seen a significant improvement in the quality of the files and monitoring of uploads. They now can effectively stay away from content that is defiled with malware.

Note: Notwithstanding, every platform has choices that adapt to the inclinations of every user.

Final Thought on [KickAss Torrents Alternatives]

Today, there are many KickAss Torrents alternatives.  The most popular are The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, Torrentz2, TorrentHound, KAT

With so many options to choose from in the torrent world, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

This final thought is intended to help you find your favorite KAT alternative and get back into the torrent world.

KickAss Torrents (KAT) was one of the best torrenting sites out there before it was shut down by the US government in 2018 following a copyright infringement lawsuit. Many people were looking for a new site and found some alternatives like The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrents (ET). There were other sites like KAT 2 that marked themselves as “the original” or ” most trusted “.

However, we have strongly believed that current readers have seen this article as a beneficial article to their needs. Since the Kickass torrent is no longer in operation, we thought it will be for Kickass users to be able to navigate to new and similar torrent sites that are mentioned above.

In case you have any questions or observations and you feel it will help other users, kindly state them in the provided comment box below:

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