My TikTok Video is Under Review – What’s the Reason?

What’s the Reason My TikTok Video is Under Review? Get the Clue

My TikTok Video is Under Review – What’s could be the reason why my Tiktok video is under review will be the main discussion of this post.

Just create something you believe is engaging content using your phone’s video camera. You’re preparing to spread the entire thing on your social networks to build your brand and take yourself one step closer to becoming a social media enthusiast.

You start your TikTok application, choose that video on your camera roll and then press upload. You wait for the video to be uploaded into the internet’s web, but then you’re confronted with the following message that says your video is being reviewed.

You curse the sky and throw your fists at the sky, asking, “What is the significance of this?”

But really. What exactly does it mean when the content of your TikTok film will be “under examination”?

In the real world, what exactly is the significance of a TikTok video being reviewed?

It doesn’t require an expert in the field to realize that a video that is “under review” signifies that your video will be delayed in uploading, and the content of your video must be scrutinized. What is the reason for this scenario?

This is generally positive, and the reason is that: Usually, it happens with accounts well-known or that have a track record of releasing TikToks which receive many views or traction.

Since TikTok’s users are young, its developers make sure that harmless SFW (safe-for-work) material is uploaded to the app.

However, they aren’t capable of securing every single video with explicit content or content that violates its guidelines for community members, which could be why they take additional precautions when they upload content to well-known accounts.

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However, there’s another reason your video could be being reviewed.

The article continues below the advertisement. You do not have a disproportionately huge number of followers or an extremely popular TikTok.

However, you still see your video as “under evaluation.” Some of your older videos may have been criticized in a few instances. This could be the reason it takes several minutes before uploading your video content to its library of videos.

Videos that have already been uploaded can be reviewed, and it will be impossible to share them or receive additional web traffic from them.

It’s not for the time being until the “review period” is over. It’s not like there are masses of people looking through the countless videos on TikTok to ensure that the community’s secure.

It’s an A.I. algorithm that uses programs to identify items that resemble firearms, excessive skin (for nakedness), and any other offensive terms spoken out loud or included in the captions for the video.

Sometimes, a clip is “under review” when it is close to breaking any of these rules, and you can get a complete list of TikTok’s community guidelines.

What can I do to know whether the content of my TikTok video is under review?

You will not receive any specific announcement or message; however, you’ll be informed when you attempt to access your video or even upload it to YouTube that it is under Review.

If the video you uploaded is being monitored at present, it will be noted that users cannot comment on that particular piece of content, nor will the follower or views count increase.

It should be back to normal after TikTok determines that everything is in order with the content.

It also won’t be allowed to upload the video (obviously) and embed it in any other place to be used online. Naturally, it will not be displayed on any “For Your Use” page, either.

So long as everything’s safe in your clip. However, the review period is generally over in 48 hours.

There are five primary reasons that your TikTok video may be under Review.

  • Content that is sexually explicit or explicit for adults
  • Gratuitous violence
  • Spam
  • Copying the video of another TikTok user’s video
  • Infractions to the rules of the community

While it is possible to think that several famous creators have uploaded videos like this before, TikTok reserves the right to take down or delete any video clip it feels is appropriate.

You’re in the hands of the app, but so you’re not doing any of the five mentioned actions. It’s a good thing.

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However, you know that there’s someone currently trying to upload a TikTok video that accomplishes all of these tasks in one clip. What’s your estimate of how long it’ll take for the A.I. to solve the mystery?


As we mentioned earlier, the TikTok review process is not as transparent as some users may hope. However, by understanding the factors that influence a video’s chance of being reviewed and taking steps to ensure your content aligns with those factors, you can give yourself the best possible chance for your videos to be seen and enjoyed by TikTok audiences.

Have you had any of your videos rejected? What do you think are the key things to keep in mind when creating content for TikTok? Let us know in the comments below!

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