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Waptrick.com – Download Free 2021 Games | Waptrick Mp3 Music | Videos | Movies & Apps Review

Waptrick mp3 is the most popular site where you can download all the different Free games, kinds of music, videos, and even apps for different devices.

As the name implies, both the young and the olds virtually know this site. It is, however, a popular wp download website for folks that are looking to download the latest games, latest videos, latest mobile themes, latest wallpapers, amazing photos, as well as ring tones to their mobile devices.

In this post, our readers will see the best Waptrick games to download, the best mobile applications, videos, as well as other important information that they might need to be useful to them about Waptrick.com. Nevertheless, readers will also be able to learn how to prevent the Waptrick website ads from popping up ads in a new tab whenever they want to download files of their choice.

As you all know that on waptrick site, the most popular category on the site is the game. hence, we have taken time to write a separate post on Waptrick games, therefore, all the categories inside them, and how to download from the Category are well explained in the post.

In addition, the Waptrick games category as it is has 100s of games in its information center. In this category, there is also a subcategory that contains the best JAVA games on the internet. Though, there are also Android games on Waptrick that are not as good as those apps that you will find on the Google play store.

If you have time and read this post to the last end, there are also other amazing websites that you will discover if you want to download the hottest action games on your java mobile device.

Let us pick those stuff present in different categories on waptrick site.

Waptrick Music Category

this happens to be the most also visited category of waptrick. This category is for folks that are looking for songs to download. It is the best place to visit if you want to download the latest trending music on your mobile device. However, you are advised to visit the music category on Waptrick.com because there are thousands of songs/music in its music file.


If you want to download USA music or songs, you should be using US IP to access the kind of music that will display for you. i.e to say, the kind of songs/music you will see in this category will depend on the country you are browsing the waptrick site from.

Whenever a user decides to choose a song to download, Waptrick site gives the user the opportunity to pick from three different song qualities; thus from standard, low, or best quality. That is to say, Waptricks music or songs are easy to download and have good quality depending on your choice.

If you want to download high-quality songs, then you must choose the high-quality option. But in any event that you intended to choose a low-quality song or music, that is what you will get after you have downloaded the song you wanted. Do not downgrade waptrick site brand because the quality of songs you have chosen determined the result you would get.

Waptrick Wallpapers

Seeing any device background with an amazing and beautiful look is the work of superb wallpaper that is installed on the mobile device. However, any wallpaper with an embedded large image appears to be huge in terms of size. But we assure you that it has a beautiful effect that will make the background of your device awesome.

Wallpapers can easily be disabled whenever their beauty effect is no longer needed, unlike theme. Users can select to choose where the wallpaper effect should appear. It can be enabled to different segments of any mobile device. Such areas are the menu, the screen, phone home, and background screen, or can be saved as a screen saver.

The more embedded feature wallpaper is, the more amazing the beauty will be when applying to any device.

Themes Category

this is the most interesting part for those folks that are a lover of themes. Mobile themes are templates used to design the look and appearance of your mobile devices. While Waptrick has millions of Mobile themes that you can choose from if you want to install them on your phone. However, theme size is perpendicular to some factors such as what we mentioned below:

  • Image quality like PNG, JPEG, etc (i.e themes with better image quality is built on either it’s PNG or JPEG)
  • Embedded Tone (any them with tone embedded, will have large size of file)
  • Animated built images. This is a common type of theme that most of you see around.
  • The number of images. Too many images embedded in a theme will make the theme size have a crazy large file.

Anytime you download any theme and you discovered the size is large, you should know that such a theme has those features we made mentioned in the above paragraph. With this, it may not be properly be installed on your Java mobile device due to the size. You may have this kind of theme installed only if you already have a large space on your mobile device.

Most Waptrick themes derived concept design from popular games, football games,s or popular movies like the game of throne, etc.

Photo Category

At times that we can decide to look around the net for any photo of a popular person, and you get stocked at some point since you didn’t find the exact photo you were looking for waptrick site, got you covered.

If you are by any means looking for photos of your favorite celebrities, you can find them on the Waptrick photos library. why looking for photos? Some folks can ask this question but it is quite simple because we have fans that can die for a particular celebrity therefore, for them to keep the memory of their celebrity, they prefer to use their photos on their devices, like PC/desktop, android device, and on an iOS device or on a Mac device.

if you need photos of your celebrity in either high resolution or low resolution, you can get that downloaded on waptrick portal for free. Just visit the photos category to enjoy your downloads.


As we previously mentioned that Waptrick also uses cookies or user IP address to determine their location, you will only get the best result if what you are looking for relating to your location else, you won’t get a good result at all.

We have also found something in this category – photos. The set of photos that were found in this category on Waptrick were not updated. Photos here are outdated photos and are old ones.

If you want updated photos of your favorite celebrities, nature, cars, etc, check out our Waptrick alternatives for photos to find the best photos.

Waptrick TV series

Waptrick has a sister website where they upload the most recent TV series (season films) called Videovak. The link to this website can be found on the Waptrick homepage. Videovak has some of the total seasons of evergreen titles like Heroes, Vikings, Game of Thrones, and so forth.

The videos on the VideoVak have two versions of download format; the 720p and 480p versions.

If you need the best quality of videos then you ought to download or stream the 720 versions. The best data plan for watching TV series movies online is an unlimited data plan.

Live wallpapers

Some of you have been scrolling looking for this part of the paragraph of Live wallpapers. This is the part you wanted and waptrick also have Live wallpapers for both mobile devices and PC device.

If you are looking for a place to download some cool and amazing live wallpapers, waptrick gat you cover for this!

However, this live wallpapers category of waptrick, waptrck wallpapers contains HD gif pictures of trending superheroes, popular celebrities, cool inanimate objects, and so on…

If you need a good wallpaper to be used for your screensaver, waptrick wallpapers will serve that purpose for your pc and mobile devices.

Whenever you are downloading live wallpapers from waptrick, make sure the wallpaper images fit in your JAVA mobile screen for a better result.

Animations Classification

Animations are beautiful on various devices. Animation can be used to create beautiful creature patterns that can be used for desktop or mobile devices for any background or design.

However, this classification of animation contains animated pictures of different entities such as; celebrities, creatures, people, vehicles, and different things. Movements are a bit like the live wallpaper pattern and also, the animated pictures from this class can be used for screensavers, wallpapers or you simply save them on your mobile devices for exhibition.

Waptrick Songs Lyrics

The song’s lyrics are the phrasings of songs. If you find it difficult to get the right expressions of your favorite songs then you can check the Waptrck lyrics classification. At the point when you download a song from Waptrick, if you look down a bit, you will see a link to the lyrics of the song you just downloaded. Sometimes you may not see the lyrics of your favorite song on Waptrick.


Waptrick doesn’t have an enormous database for music lyrics. If you love waptrick just because of the lyrics, then you shouldn’t waste much time of your time. Just search for your desire song lyric on waptrick and if not found, then quit and look somewhere else for that lyrics.

How to Download on Waptrick

Waptrick.com - Download Free Games | Videos | Music | Apps
Waptrick.com – Download Free Games | Videos | Music | Apps

Waptrick allows you to download any of the files on its platform. The sorts of files you can download relies significantly upon the country you are browsing/IP usage from and the kind of device you are using.

For users that are browsing with an Android device, what will be shown that users will just be Android games or applications in their individual classifications while users that are browsing with a Java device will just see Java applications or games in their particular classification/category.

Waptrick doesn’t have iOS and PC games or applications in its library presently but those folks that are visiting Waptrick website with these devices can easily download from different countries.

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However, if you are visiting waptrick from the USA and you are in the video or music category, Waptrick will show more videos and music mainstream that are particular to the USA.

So, to discover more on waptrick site, you are advised to keep reading so that you can discover more on how you can download files from Waptrick.

Step by step instructions to Download Games on Waptrick

You are urged to carefully follow the step-by-step instructions to download games on waptrick with ease. Also, in the below post steps, you will learn how to download games on Waptrick.

Stage 1: Visit Waptrick.one

Waptrick.one is the main domain name for this wap site. If you visit different domains on the waptrick network, you will be diverted back to the Waptrick.one domain. Continuously utilize this domain when visiting waptrick.

You can utilize waptrick.one or on the other hand if you are a little bit old-fashioned, you can check out www.waptrick.one.

Stage 2: Visit the Waptrick game classification

The Waptrick game classification is the place where you can find every one of the games on waptrick. You can find the link to the game class at the top of the browser just beneath the header.

Stage 3: Choose the class of game you need

There are a ton of game classifications on Waptrick. You need to pick the class of game you need to download from. For instance, if you need football games like Real football, you can check out the games classification.

You will see the list of games that are classified on waptrick games site. However, below are the list of Games Classifications on Waptrick games;

  • Movie games.
  • Classic games.
  • Casino games.
  • Platform games.Arcade games.
  • Kid games.
  • Strategy games.
  • Mind games.
  • Puzzle games.
  • Action games.
  • Racing games.
  • XXX games.
  • Christmas games.
  • Sports games.

Yes, those are the list of games on waptrick that you can choose your desire category from. Enjoy them and stay on this page for further investigation on waptrick.

Stage 4: Browse through the games and select your most ideal alternative

Since you have picked the game class you need to download from, the next advance is to peruse every one of the games in that classification and select the game you need.

If you are perusing with an Android device, as you continue to scroll, more games will show up yet on Java devices, you need to click on the next button to see the next game in that class.

Pick the game you need to download by clicking on the name.

Stage 5: Click on download to start downloading

On the next page, click on the download icon to start downloading the game.

Waptrick is planned such that you need to see however many pages as could be allowed before you can download them from the website. This system helps the website proprietors to make more money as users see more web pages.

Stage 6: Start the download process.

At last, click on the continue to download button to start downloading the game. If you are perusing on waptrick with an android device, you need to empower “downloads from unknown sources” before the games can work.

Google, the proprietors of Android doesn’t actually like users to download games from different sources with the exception of the Google play store. In any case, on Android, you are free to would whatever you like to do. Consequently, you can change your device to the manner in which you need it.

The Most Effective Method to Download Videos on Waptrick

The video class is another mainstream classification on www.waptrick.com. In this class, you can download clever videos clasps and lots more.

Below are some of the types of videos you can download on Waptrick;

  • TV series.
  • Game videos.
  • Animal videos.
  • Interesting incidents.
  • Magic videos.
    Beauty videos.
  • Science and technology videos.
  • Big brother videos.
  • Accident videos.
  • Celebrity videos.
  • Country special.
  • Sports.
  • Cartoons.
  • Funny videos.
  • Movie trailer.
  • Football world cup videos.
  • World travel videos
  • Talent showcase videos.
  • Model fitness videos.
  • World disaster videos.
  • Recipe videos.
  • Popular videos on Facebook.

Continue reading to see how you can download videos on Waptrick.

Stage 1: Visit www.waptrick.com URL

This is the initial step to take. You can do this by typing www.waptrick.com or waptrick.one (most ideal alternative) in your web browser.

Stage 2: Click on the video class

The video class contains every one of the videos on Waptrick. You can find the video class in the section just beneath the site header.

Note that this website is planned generally for low-end mobile telephone users so the quality of these videos isn’t incredible. They may not show up freshly clear on an Android or PC device.

Stage 3: Click on Waptrick Videos

You will come across two subcategories subsequent to clicking the Waptrick video classification; they are TV series and Waptrick videos.

The TV series alternative will take you to another website that Waptrick additionally possesses. This website is called Videovak.

Click on waptrick videos to proceed. See the picture underneath.

Stage 4: Select the Video class you need

From the list of classifications listed, pick the classification you like dependent on the sort of video you need to download. If you need amusing videos, click on the interesting video choice.

Stage 5: Pick the video cut you need to download

Go through every one of the videos in the video class you picked and select the best video for you. As you look down the website, more videos will show up.

When you find the video you need to download, click on it.

Stage 6: Select file size

On the next page, you will see a screen to choose the file size you need. The higher the file size, the better the quality of the video. If you are perusing on waptrick with a laptop, you may not see the alternative to pick a file size.

Stage 7: Click on the download

This is the last advance to download videos on www.waptrick.com. When you click on download, the video file will start to download to your mobile telephone. The videos on Waptrick are generally 3gp videos.

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If you are looking for a site where you can download full Hollywood movies and TV series check out our 0gomovies.

That is all on the most proficient method to download videos on Waptrick.

Waptrick Download | How to Download Mobile apps on Waptrick

Waptrick has a lot of useful apps in its arsenal. You can download apps for your java phone or Android device.

Although Waptrick does not have the best Android apps if you are a JAVA phone user, you will definitely love the apps that are available on Waptrick. The mobile app category on Waptrick is the third most visited category on the website after Games and Videos.

In this part of the article, we will show you how to download mobile apps on Waptrick.

Step 1: Visit www.waptrick.com URL

You can use your favorite browser, however, you should consider using the UC browser to do this as it is one of the best mobile browsers for JAVA phones.

Step 2: Scroll down to Applications.

The mobile applications link is located almost at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to when you see applications like in the image below.

Step 3: Choose the category of mobile apps you want

You need to choose the category of apps you want to download on the website. When you select the category, you will see only apps in that category on the web page.

Assuming you want to download a mobile antivirus, you need to click on the Antivirus/security tab. For religious books like the Bible or Quran, you can click on the Religion category.

These are the list of sub-categories in the Waptrick mobile app section;

  • Religion
  • Guides
  • Dictionaries
  • Antivirus/Security
  • Social/Funny
  • Phone/SMS
  • Tools/Gadgets
  • Music/Photos.
  • Misc Apps.

Step 4: Click on the App you want

From the list of mobile applications in the class that you chose, click on the specific application you need to download.

You can continue to look down to find more applications or click on the Next button.

If you’re not sure the thing you are looking for, utilize the search feature at the top of the page to find your favorite application.

Note that the applications you will find are contingent upon the kind of telephone you are perusing with. If you are perusing with a JAVA telephone, you will see just applications that can work on a JAVA device.

Stage 5: Select download application

Select download application from the to continue to the next stage. Normally, the application should start downloading on this occasion yet the admins at Waptrick need you to see more web pages before you can start downloading to support ad income.

Stage 6: Click on Proceed to Download App

This is the last phase of the download process. At the point when you click on continue to download, the application will start to download immediately.

If you are downloading applications from Waptrick with an Android device, make sure you empower download from unknown sources in your Android settings.

Step by step instructions to Block Pop-up ads on Waptrick

Waptrick is notorious for displaying too many pop-up ads on its website. Considering the number of web pages you need to peruse to download a solitary file, this can become irritating.

In this piece of the article, we will show you how to obstruct pop ads on www.waptrick.com.

What are waptrick Pop-up Adverts?

Some of you find it annoying whenever you are accessing waptrick site on different devices. Before you understand other facts to disable them, you should also know that it is the only source waptrick has for sustainability.

however, pop-up adverts otherwise called spring-up ads, are adverts that are mainstream on free download websites.

At the point when you try to download from websites with spring-up ads empowered, your mobile telephone or PC will automatically open another tab.

Sometimes, you could be perusing on the site and an advert will cover the screen; you need to click on the X button to close the advert.

While this tutorial won’t totally show you how to stop spring-up ads on Waptrick, you will learn how to decrease it to the barest least.

Stage 1: Go to the settings feature on your browser

You will need to access the setting feature of your browser. it is ideal if you follow what was mentioned in this paragraph.

Every browser has a settings choice. This page permits you to change your internet browser to your comfort.

Stage 2: Scroll down to Site settings

Site settings permit you to set how you need a certain website to work when you visit it. The settings you empower here won’t influence different websites that you visit.

Stage 3: Select Pop up and divert

This is the page where you can empower or disable pop-up ads on Waptrick. On getting to this page, you will see a toggle to obstruct pop ads to stop further ads being popping up as usual.

Stage 4: Switch on the Toggle

Switch on the toggle to disable www.waptrick.com from opening pop-up ads while you are browsing on the website.

Whenever this is empowered, your telephone browser will limit how the Waptrick website automatically opens new tabs.

We had used Google chrome to g5ve this model, if you are using another mobile browser, the process will look a bit comparative.

Much obliged to you for reading our article on www.waptrick.com URL. We trust you have learned more about waptrick. You can check our different articles on modest night data plans and how to get a united states telephone number for free.

If you enjoyed this article then, at that point join our wire channel and buy-in through ema for additional updates like this.

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